February 17, 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

I want to thank Clair Keyser for giving me the Sunshine Blog Award. Once you receive this award you are to post it on your blog and then pass it on to 12 other bloggers with links to their sites. Here are my 12 fabulous nominees:

1. Connie Christensen
2. Trish Purcell
3. Ingrid Christensen
4. Kristina Laurendi Havens
5. Krysty Gordon
6. Pamela Munger
7. Daniel Keys/
8. Sophie Ploeg/
9. J R Kadtker
10. Justin Clayton
11. Veronica Funk
12. Sarah John Afana


Ingrid Christensen said...

Thanks for the Sunshine Donna! I'll pass it on with pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Donna. This is a very nice surprise.

Sarah John Afana said...

Thanks for the mention-we could all you a little more Sunshine in our lives :)