May 27, 2010

Sunday Brunch Reference

The website has been an amazing site and inspiration to me since I started on my journey of becoming a full time artist. There are many forums to choose from; acrylic, oil, portrait, figure, landscape and many more. The community of artists share their work and techniques; ask for critiques; take online classes and share reference material.

I was thinking it may be of interest to show the reference I used for Sunday Brunch (acquired from Wetcanvas) and how I adapted the background and figure. I played with the colour and composition as well as the light source to lead the eye around the painting. I took the liberty of inventing a painting for the wall to the right so that the composition was balanced.

I strive for impressionism in my paintings and am really happy with it and may do a larger painting at a later date. This painting is 8" x 8".

1 comment:

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Great job on this painting. I love how you added the floral in the upper right corner. I bet it would be a fun series to do on a larger scale also.