December 1, 2010

Painting Video and Bunny

"Bunny" our 12 year old rabbit

It's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy with several commissions and am unable to post because they are Christmas presents and wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. That's partly why I've included a picture our "Bunny". He enjoys keeping me company in my studio.

I was so excited today - A painting video that I ordered a while back arrived in the mail. It is called "In the Studio" by David Shevlino. I discovered this artist a while ago and love the loose quality of his paintings. The video shows him painting a still life using a wet-into-wet technique and I found it to be very interesting. You can see a preview on youtube. He explains his thought process which is very helpful. The second half shows the progression of his work on a much larger painting that was completed over several weeks.

Something that he said really hit the nail on the head and will help me to simplify and paint loosely. He said to "think economy when applying paint strokes and to think of them as visual shorthand. " (not sure I have his exact words) I love that!!


Linda Popple said...

Thanks for sharing the info about David Shevlino. I love his loose strokes. I'll have to do some more research about him as I have never heard of him.

Sharon said...

Hi Donna: Thanks for tipping me on to David -I LOVE his work and his almost violent way of working!! Just makes me want to try it. I have a couple of oil DVD's that I would lend you in exchange for lending me yours!?!?

Donna MacDonald said...

Hi Sharon - sounds like a great idea.