July 16, 2011

Can Painting Improve your Health?

"Summer Pleasures"

My letter to the acclaimed Robert Genn from "The Painter's Keys" was featured last week. Here is my letter:

"Dear Robert, I've noticed an amazing phenomenon. On the days that I paint I don't get a migraine! At first I thought it was a coincidence but after close observation to the timing it's become evident that there's a correlation. I started painting full time 5 years ago and it has literally changed my life! Have you heard of this?"

His response is as always very interesting and informative. Judging by the response of his readership, in the way of live and featured comments on the blog, Painting really can improve your health! Follow the above link to read some of the testimonials.

If you subscribe to Robert Genn's Famous Letters to Artists he will send a weekly letter to you. His subject are varied, informative and always inspiring.


Amanda said...

I find that very interesting. For about two weeks this month I was painting a lot, I painted 23 metres x 1 metre of jungle on brown paper for a children's holiday club. Previous to this time I have had nerve issues and since then they have almost totally resolved. I wonder if there is a connection.

Donna MacDonald said...

Hi Amanda - I'm sure there is a connection. In the beginning I questioned whether their was a link between the amount of painting I did with how I was feeling - but after a few years of being doubtful I now fully embrace and acknowledge this effect.

I'd love to see your jungle painting - it sounds fabulous!

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

This is very nice Donna!

Donna MacDonald said...

Thanks Sharon