July 1, 2011

Robert Genn's Color Test

I receive in my inbox twice a week a letter from art mentor to thousands, Robert Genn. The letters have many themes including observations from the master painter, encouragement for new artists, marketing topics and other fun tidbits of art related information. His latest letter shares the statistic that women see color better than men. "1 out of 255 women and 1 out 12 men have some form of colour vision deficiency" according to the Munsell color producers.

The X-Rite Company has provided a test on their website so that you can see for yourself where you rank. Robert Genn invites us to send him the results and he'll publish an overview on his next letter's clickback.

His letter can be found here. I encourage you to sign up to have his letters emailed to you. I look forward to his wisdom every week.

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