September 20, 2012

Jeffrey Watts Intensive Workshop

Here is the next installment from the fabulous 6 Day Intensive Workshop with Jeffrey Watts.  One of the exercises that I found very enlightening was to take a painting done by a Master Painter and copy it.  Jeff did a copy of a Mian Situ painting as a demonstration.  He explained that when you study a painting during the 3 hours exercise you are able to digest more of the technique used by the artist.  I have collected images from magazines of artists that I love (including Mian Situ) and I look through them periodically marveling at the talent.  But by studying and copying I think your understanding of colour, edges, and brushwork is exemplified. I plan to make this part of my regiment.

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Wendy Mould said...

It is really interesting to do that. I know when I study a painting I learn a lot but it just makes sense to copy it would really give you even more insight.