September 6, 2012

Jeffrey Watts Workshop

Just returned from Encinitas, California where I attend an intensive workshop with Jeffrey Watts.  What a wonderful teacher!!  If you have a chance I would highly recommend you attend one of his workshops. The next few posts will show some of his demos.  Day One he demonstrated a monochrome "pick out" from a photo using Burnt Umber.

He fixed the drawing with spray fixative.
Then he applied a thin wash of burnt umber.
Next he put in his darks with a bristle round.
He continued to work on his values by alternately putting paint on and picking paint off using q-tips and cotton rags.
For the finish he abstracted the background and fluffed over the paint with paper towel to add noise and interest to the darks.

Stay tuned for more posts about the workshop.

1 comment:

Kyla Hynes said...

Wow! thats really beautiful! sounds like a great workshop