November 28, 2012

Passing Time by Donna MacDonald

12 x 16  Oil on Canvas

I'm really having trouble naming my latest painting.  Sometimes I think it is easier to paint the painting than it is to name it. 

My daughter thinks there should be something about red...I was thinking maybe something about rain or maybe time  See what I mean....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Linda Popple said...

No suggestions for the painting. I'm terrible at that. I do like your painting and the red really is wonderful!

Donna MacDonald said...

Thanks Linda appreciate it =)

Sandra Heading said...

Loved seeing this on wc Donna !!!


Donna MacDonald said...

Thanks Sandra =)

Anonymous said...


Donna MacDonald said...

After many great suggestions for a title - I have chosen Passing Time.

Thanks for all of your input.