July 7, 2013

Prince's Island Creek and Couple in Park

Prince's Island Creek
11 x14 Oil
Double Double
11 x 14 Oil

The first 11x14 painting was done from a photo taken from the bridge crossing the little creek on Prince's Island Park.  I love the light that late evening provides.

The second painting also 11x14 was painted from a photo taken on Stephen Avenue in Calgary.  I originally included the urban scene surrounding them but then decided I'd rather have them in a park setting.  I wiped out the sidewalk and buildings and plopped them into a park.

I have several paintings now that I need to name.  Sometimes I think it is harder to name them than to paint them, lol.


sbsudbury said...

Wonderful Donna!

Donna MacDonald said...

Thanks Sharon for taking the time to comment. Really appreciate it!