May 26, 2016

New Beginnings


Teaching over the last several years has been both rewarding and inspirational.  My decision was largely due to time constraints and not feeling like I had adequate time to explore possibilities in my own work.

I taught my final workshop to a great group of artists last week and although I am excited for what the future holds it is always a bit scary when our careers take a new direction.  

But what will that look like?  Will I have the discipline to continue to grow as an artist?  There is so much to learn and having started this artistic journey rather late in life, I feel a sense of urgency.  

To address this I have again enrolled in several workshops, studying with Terri Miura, Max Ginsberg and Ben Lustenhouwer this summer.  I am also taking a week long sculpting class - something else I've always wanted to do.

I hope you will continue to check in with me as I share my new skills with you.  I hope to update my blog more often in the coming year.


sbsudbury said...

Wishing you the best in all your future endeavours! I see a wonderful future for you.

Donna MacDonald AFCA said...

Thanks Sharon =)