August 6, 2012

"The Hat"
I am attending a workshop by Jeffrey Watts at the end of the month and I'm doing my usual panic preparation. It is a 6 day Intensive Workshop - I think there are 2 spots open.  I am hoping to practice as many portraits as possible before I leave in the hopes that I will get as much out of the workshop as possible. I have found a group in Calgary that holds a 3 hour pose so that should help as well.
 It's funny there are times that I feel like I'm really getting it and other times I feel like I'm floundering.  From talking to other artists I think that this is quite common and that gives me comfort =)


Emma perez said...

Ditto. It takes determination and alot of energy. And at the end,we strive to get all done.

Donna MacDonald said...

Hi Emma - thanks for leaving a comment =)